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Living at my nans.

I’ve been living at my nans for about 5 days now. It’s horrible. Nothing to do ever. No phone signal ever. It’s a trek to walk if I want to go and see my friends. My sister is also staying here as well, and we’re constantly arguing.
I miss my little sister Finley, my little brother Ryder, and my mum and dad. I wanna be back home as a normal family.

gunna have a break from tumblr for a few days

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Today was so good with Tom (ccccomet)

Thought it was gunna be awkward, but it wasn’t at all.

  • We met Mr. Mead (William Ash) from Waterloo Road.
  • Compared clothes in top man with all the tumblr famous people.
  • Went to the Tate Modern and took sexy pictures.
  • Had a Slush Puppy in the freezing cold.
  • Took kawaii pictures of grotty buildings.
  • Walked past one of the most awkward tumblr meetups, ever.
  • etc.

My legs are killing me though, they feel like they’re going to fall off any minute.

At the beach today.

We (me, grandad, auntie, nan) went to the beach in Essex today.

We walked up the beach, and got to the end and there was these rocks you had to climb up to get onto the path to get back and as we where climbing up my nan slipped and fell and she was just laying on the floor and she like broke her ankle, I’m sorry but it was hilarious. 

And then after that all happened, she limped back to the café with my auntie. So I decided to go on a run along the path with the dog, then I was sprinting up this path along side the beach not looking at where I was going and the dog moved in front of me and I tripped over it and fell onto the path and cut my elbow. It was so embarrassing. 

So today turned out funny. I love my family 

Today was so good.

I went to London for the day with my auntie from Essex.

We went to Camden to Amy Winehouse’s house and put some flowers down, also I bought some vintage sun glasses from a vintage stall and went to Harrods and went everywhere really.

And after 20 minutes of getting out of the car I got my name shouted at by a bunch of girls from tumblr, it was so embaressing.

My baby brother was born last night.

I love him so much. 

I now have to leave him for the day and spend the day round my nan’s house. Oh well she makes nice roast dinners. 

Haven’t updated this in a while. Hay Ho

Bitchy people.

I hate them.

I’d prefer it if they could at least have the decency to tell it to me over text or inbox. But no, they have to bitch to their friend until I find out from him.